Who is Riding?
The following riders have registered for the next 100/200, which will run Saturday, 6/23/2018. Some represent teams of riders, so we won't really know who's riding until June 23rd!
  1. Steve B., VT
  2. David S., TX
  3. Al L., MA
  4. Johnie O., MA
  5. Damien B., IE
  6. Jim P., VT
  7. Allison T., CT
  8. Joe T., CT
  9. Connor G., MA
  10. Derek J., MA
  11. Johnie O., MA
  12. Guy M., CT
  13. Marcia B, NH
  14. Jay H., MA
  15. Shant M., QC
  16. Brian G., PA
  17. Adam M., PA
  18. Brian F., CT
  19. Mike C., PA
  20. David M., CT
  21. Mike R., PA
  22. April J., NH
  23. Tim McC, NH

Only 2018-6-23 05:00:00 GMT-04:00 until we start riding the 2018 100/200.
Time to train!


Hyde Park

Cruising towards Hancock
under a typical 100/200 sky (2014)

Line of riders approaching old barn

Different group,same location, it's deja vu all over again! (2017)


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