Unless you happen to live close by, we highly recommend finding suitable lodging near both the start and end of the ride. Staying near the start makes it easier to get there early before dawn and shortens the day for your support driver. Staying near the end means not driving while tired, makes things easier on support drivers and keeps your legs from locking up like concrete! It also gives you more incentive to finish the ride.

North: A Google search lists a number of B&Bs and hotels in or near North Troy. Be sure to check north of the border, as there are hotels in Sutton and B&Bs as close as 9 km from the start. Jay Peak ski area is nearby, so there should be off-season lodging available. Check http://www.jaypeakskiing.com. Shared rates are as low as $30 per person. There are also motels in Newport, about 30 minutes away. The nearest campgrounds are about 30 minutes, http://www.campvermont.com. The nearest state parks with camping are Lake Eden and Crystal Lake,about 40 min., http://www.vtstateparks.com.

Allow time to get through US Customs, if you arrive from Canada the morning of the event. Traffic at this crossing is extremely light in the morning, but you will need appropriate documentation, even if you are a US citizen.


There are numerous motels and inns in Brattleboro. Thre are also a few state parks in the general vicinity.

The Readsboro Inn is a great place to stay at the end--only $65 in 2014! A clean, quaint hotel, only 3 miles from the finish. Call (802) 423-7776 to make reservations.

Please make your own arrangements for lodging, but let us know where you are staying.



100/200 Map

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