2014 Ride Report

Another Successful Ride
Steve Barner

The 2014 ride started out drier, but a little foggier than last year. The big story this year was that we had the first tandem ever to ride the event with us and the team finished! Conditions were quite favorable. While it wasn't until Waitsfield that the slight headwind shifted to become more of a cross/tailwind, the change was appreciated, as was the sun in the morning, giving way to partly cloudy skies. Temps were comfortable, not hot, making for great riding conditions.

Of the 32 or so riders who started, most finished (it's always hard to tell with this ride). We don't have good numbers on finishing times, etc., making us think that it might be a good idea to develop a system this year for people to report their stats after the ride.

The 2014 stats (these are very weak numbers, as befitting a ride without rules):

  • Starters: 32-ish
  • Finishers: Almost everyone
  • First finisher: A bit before 6 pm.
  • Last finisher: Well after dark.
  • Elevation gain: 11,500'
  • Highest point: 2,400'
  • Total distance: 212 mi (340 km)


  • Most Valuable: Our wonderful support people!
  • Most Impressive finish: Sue & Dave Priest
  • Biggest Smack-Down: The Canadians, on everyone else! (Must be something in that McGill water--they make it look easy.)

The ride comes early in the year, arriving before many cyclists are in condition for a hilly double-century. Start training now and plan to join us next year. You'll be rewarded by being in amazing shape for the rest of the season!

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At the border

At least 30 riders posed for the starting line photo.

Dry at the start, this year.

Team Hoss makes a good show.


Catching a pull, north of Stowe.

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

The falls in Granville Gulf

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

Cruising into Rochester.

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

Hamming it up in Tyson.


Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

Weston town green

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

How many guys does it take to fix a flat?

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

Wardsboro, the easy part of the Mt. Snow climb.

Cresting the Wardsboro / Mt. Snow climb

So happy to reach the top!

Credit: Club cycliste Les2hp

Pleasant riding, only one little climb left.

At the finish.

So good to be done.

The tandem rides through Readsboro on the way to the finish.

Team Hoss at the finish.

Posing in front of the funky state line marker.


Elevation graph

GPS elevation graph, courtesy of Chet Huang

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